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  • Check on the form of the opposition -
    and keep up to date with national standards.                The Power of 10 website

  • For the more 'mature' participants                                 Link to the SW Vets AC site

  • A ground breaking event for UK based ladies               The Women Can Marathon

  • The Sidmouth Running Club                                          The SRC site

  • Dr. John Brotherhood's original paper on :
    Human Fuel and Water Stores and Endurance             Link to Bro's treatise

  • CW's take on Horace Ashenfelter's training session
    so . . you would like to run faster?                                  H.A's session

  • Don & Sally Blyth - premier registered osteopaths,         Don & Sally's Sidmouth website
    highly experienced in dealing with injured athletes!       
                                                                                             Don & Sally's Seaton website

  • Chris Woodcock - Consultant                                           Chris's own website

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